6 Reasons to get New Double Glazed Windows for your Home

new double glazing derby window imageYour windows make up a key part of your home of your entire home. If you have the wrong windows you might face the problem of your home getting too cold or hot. Other problems that might arise if you have the wrong windows includes too much noise or have problems with moisture and condensation. Double glazing helps to reduce and eliminate these issues and offer many other benefits in your home too.

I have lived in houses with these types of windows and without. In the UK where the winter seems to last for 9 months, good insulation and draught proofing is a necessity. Not only that, the maintenance of wooden windows that have to be gloss painted inside and out to protect the wood every couple of years is such a pain, that installing upvc frames alone is almost worth the investment.

This is the reason why they have become very popular amongĀ  people in the entire world. To help you gain more understanding, here are 5 reasons to get new double glazed windows for your home.

Double glazed windows are thermally efficient

Double glazed windows are thermally efficient because there are two panes. It is between these two layers that the air gets trapped. As a result of their design, it becomes hard for cold or heat to enter or leave the home through your house window. With this, it means that you will spend less on cooling and heating your home. In addition, it means that you will minimize your greenhouse emissions because of the reduced usage of your air conditioner or heater.

Triple glazed windows are also an option, but unless you live in a particularly cold or noisy environment you probably will be ok with less expensive double glazing. A call to your local installer who can advise you of the advantages of both systems in probably a good idea before you order your new windows.

Minimize sound transmission

The design in which the windows are made means that in addition to being thermally efficient, they are also acoustically efficient. This makes them more effective at minimizing noise transmission, making the inside of your house extremely comfortable. The level of noise entering your home gets minimized by almost seventy percent in some instances.

Help in eliminating condensation

Condensation happens when the warm air inside your house meets the cold surface of the window, making the water to bead up. With the double glazed windows reduces condensation problem because there is a barrier between the outmost glass pan and the inner glass pane. This happens because the inner pane does not get cold enough to allow condensation to occur.

Double glazed windows provides you with freedom in window coverings

If you have been facing a lot of problems because you have to use heavy window treatments as a way to try and stop cold or heat entering through the single pane windows, double glazed windows will help. With these windows all your problems will be resolved and will be a thing of the past. It offers a lot of efficiency because you do not have to use heavy treatments. You can use lighter curtains that provide you with privacy, but for less cost. It is also possible to get rid of the curtains and just use blinds, which looks more modern and are cheaper and easy to change.

Provide more securityimage of double glazing air gap

Double glazed windows offer more security in your home compared to the normal windows. This happens because the single pane windows are weak and can be broken easily. The double glazed ones have two panes that are thicker than normal glass. There are also some special ones that are laminated, thus they are hard to be broken into. This makes you have peace of mind because you know your home is secured.

Draught exclusion

New made to measure expertly fitted windows fit properly! No more draughts through old wooden frames that don’t fit the opening properly and that have warped or twisted over time, breaking the seals and allowing cold wind to enter the house.

As I said, I have owned properties with both types of windows, and for me new double glazed windows are a priority, and I recommend anyone upgrading a property to make new windows a priority. You will recoup your investment in just a few years and enjoy all of the benefits in the process.

Always consider the thermal efficiency of any glass that you are thinking of installing. The video below has some tips that you might find useful.