Home Security Ideas

home-security-systemsOne of the biggest problems we had while running a hotel was the problem of security. When you have lots of room, with strange people coming and going all the time, people are relaxed and not thinking so much about their security, things can easily happen.

One thing that is always a constant is how the security breach happens, and it is usually through a door or window, or a chance opportunity theft as belongings are left unattended.

So it is clear that by securing doors and windows, and fitting a good alarm system, your chances of suffering a home break in are greatly diminished.

I found this infographic that shows in detail how, what and when these problems are most likely to occur, so I thought I would share it here. I intend to discuss further the types and qualities and advantages of various lock types in a future post, but in the meantime I hope that this serves to remind us all how to take care of our homes, families and belongings.


home security


One further thing… it is not always the value of the stolen item that is the most distressing, it is often the fact that it can never be replaced. I know this from personal experience. It could be a piece of jewellery from a deceased relating that holds memories of parents of family members, or it could be a keepsake from a trip or ceremony such as a wedding. These things cannot be replaced and need to be secured.

Very often doors are fitted with inexpensive and easy to break mortice locks. It is fairly easy to replace with a high quality 5 lever mortice lock of the same size. The video below from B&Q takes you step by step through the process.