Save Space in Your Fitted Bathroom with Corner Baths

1359315390Maximising available space is always of utomost importance when upgrading a hotel, and is a problem that I had to wrestle with for most of my working life. Now that I am renovating my own home, I am facing the same old problems again in some of the rooms, especially bathrooms in an old house.

Luxury and comfort cannot be achieved without giving attention to space. Space enables people to maximize their share of fun. However, most homes today tend to have little rooms that make it quite hard to have fun around your home. But it can get so enjoyable when one takes time to relax in the baths particularly after a hectic day.

Thankfully, one has the opportunity to install corner baths which is an excellent option when you want to maximize space in your fitted bathroom. While I may still have the knowledge and drive to do all of this renovation, I am no longer physically able to do the hard work required, so many thanks to my local bathroom renovation business – Fitted Bathroom Solutions Derby and their most helpful and accommodating team.

How Corner Baths Add Style and Save Space
Ordinarily, corner baths are quite larger than the standard baths but very well designed to fit in smaller spaces. You might have a bigger bathroom but you will usually discover later that there’s never enough space for all the elements you want to install. It’s in the effort of trying to free up more room and adjust the layout to match one’s taste, style, and preference that corner baths come handy.

Presently, there are various types of corner baths you can install in your fitted bathroom. All of them can suit almost any type of design and make your fitted bathroom not only spacious but uncluttered. And in choosing a corner bathtub, several factors have to be put into consideration.

Deep or shallow corner bathtub
You have to decide which one you want to choose between the two since that will have an effect on the cost of buying and installation. Money is definitely an important aspect to many people. Most common corner style baths are the average capacity, with a 60-70 gallon bathtub being quite common. Compared to deeper corner style, these ones are quite cheaper. Deep corner style baths are like deep soaking tubs. Most of them often hold 80-90 gallons. You can as well soak yourself in them up to chest height or even deeper.

Size is always important
You also need to decide whether you need a larger unit or the common size. Larger units can take up more than two people at the same time. However, choosing a corner style bath that features a round bathing furniture1area will usually be enough for two people to sit in comfortably. Smaller units will only take in one person at a time. Nonetheless, both styles and sizes can be purchased in seated versions which allows for a very comfortable experience.

While installing it in your fitted bathroom, you can always arrange it with shelving units and also storage cupboards. Fit them above the bathtub. This will allow you more space rather than using the floor space.’
Generally, the ultimate joy of designing or remodeling your fitted bathroom is that you can go for options that suit you best.

Most generic homes hardly realize the pleasure they could be missing when they are without corner baths. Much as it takes almost the same space as the regular times or sometimes even smaller, the level of style you’ll have incorporated into your fitted bathroom will be one you will live to enjoy.

With the right care and attention to detail, you can easily turn your bathroom makeover ideas into reality. Besides giving the much-needed space, corner baths will as well offer that comfortable and relaxing environment we all wish to have.